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New Team Website!

22nd August 2009

After several weeks of behind-the-scenes testing, the new RML AD Group website has finally gone "live" in time for coverage of the 2009 Nurburgring 1000 Kilometres.

The site has been under development for a couple of months, and has been functioning in the background while emphasis remained on the original site. Now that this has become the primary site for the mazda-lola domain, the mg-lola website will be steadily restored to its pre-Mazda content, and retained as an archive for the very successful"MG Years".

Mike Newton still owns two of the ex-works MG Lola EX257s as well as the EX265s that brought RML AD Group two successive class wins at Le Mans. These cars will continue to be maintained in race-ready condition, and this may well mean that the MG racecars will appear on track again at some stage in the future, perhaps at exhibition events such as the Oulton Park meeting in 2008, where Mike gave demonstration runs in the EX257. These appearances will be featured on the mg-lola website, and relevant news, information and updates shall also be added to ensure that the site remains viable for the foreseeable future.

On-going coverage of the team's 2009 season, as well as latest news from RML, AD Group and the motorsport industry in general will be posted here. In the meantime, please bear with us as one or two pages remain to be brought fully up-to-date, and forgive us any minor errors you may encounter.

If you think you may have discovered something our webmaster is unaware of, and you are faced by the dreaded 404 Error page (although ours is quite friendly!) please let us know. You'll find the appropriate link on the Contacts page, as well as on the unique 404 Error page.