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RML Lola HPD ~ For Sale

The RML AD Group Lola HPD that took the 2010 Le Mans Series LMP2 drivers' and team titles is now available for purchase.

The chassis appeared on track for the first time in September 2008, when designated as the MG Lola EX265C in the final round of the 2008 Le Mans Series at Silverstone, where it finished fourth. The MG XP-21 engine was subsequently replaced by a Mazda AER four-cylinder turbocharged unit and campaigned throughout the 2009 season by Mike Newton and Thomas Erdos. The car also raced at Le Mans. At the end of the season a new supply agreement was signed with Honda Performance Development (HPD) for the supply of the naturally aspirated LM-V8 powerplant, as also used in the Acura and HPD ARX-01c LMP2 cars in the ALMS, Le Mans Series and Le Mans 24 Hours.

In the hands of RML, the Lola HPD finished third at Paul Ricard in March, second at Spa, and then won the 1000 Kilometres of the Algarve in July. Two further fourth-place finishes, at the Hungaroring in August, and Silverstone in September, assured RML of the team title for 2010, and rewarded Mike Newton and Thomas Erdos with the individual drivers titles for 2010.

The RML Lola HPD ran successfully in the Le Mans 24 Hours of 2010, finishing third. The car on that occasion was co-driven by Andy Wallace, who also shared the car for the opening two rounds of the 2010 Le Mans Series. The team's "third driver" for the final three races of the year was Ben Collins, also known as The Stig. Throughout this period the Lola HPD has been supremely reliable and has never failed to finish a race.

For further background and information, please explore this website.

RML Lola HPD | For Sale | Le mans Series LMP2 Winners 2010
Designation Lola-HPD B08/80 Coupé LMP2
Top speed
Fitted with a suitable engine, in excess of 200mph
Lola Hewland 6-speed semi-automatic sequential via paddle-shift with Zytek Electronic Actuation
AP Racing Carbon triple-plate, pull type
Fuel Petrol (Biofuel, with 10% ethanol)
Aluminium water radiators and oil coolers
Lola one piece carbon fibre monocoque
Power assisted rack-and-pinion
Fabricated steel double wishbones, pushrods
Brembo 355mm x 32mm front and rear, Carbon fibre discs, carbon fibre pads
OZ Racing Forged Magnesium Fronts 18"x12.5J, Rears 18"x13J
Fronts 300/650-18, Rears 310/710-18
Length, 4534mm; Width, 1990mm; Wheelbase, 2790mm
Weight Minimum 825 kgs
Fuel, 80 litres
Oil (dry sump) 10 litres
Data Acquisition

Motec ADL3, with Motec steering wheel display

Date of Build Original construction: September 2008

Under the revised regulations, the Lola HPD can be made eligible for both LMP1 and LMP2 in the Le Mans Series 2011. “The Coupé is now a well proven package with the HPD unit," suggests Mike Newton. "For anyone looking to move into LMP1 next season, it has to be an appealing proposition. Alternatively, the LMP2 engine is an easy update, and it's another well proven combination with great reliability.”

A comprehensive Spares Package is also available, with a full listing on a separate page. The total value of the components and parts offered is considerable, but the cost could be negotiated to advantage by anyone purchasing the car itself.

For more information, please contact:
Phil Barker - RML Group
Email: Phil Barker
Telephone: 01933 402440


Lola HPD For Sale
Spares Package

Updated February 2011

RML Lola HPD | For Sale | Le mans Series LMP2 Winners 2010


RML Lola HPD | For Sale | Le mans Series LMP2 Winners 2010


RML Lola HPD | For Sale | Le mans Series LMP2 Winners 2010


RML Lola HPD | For Sale | Le mans Series LMP2 Winners 2010


RML Lola HPD | For Sale | Le mans Series LMP2 Winners 2010



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