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Cruzes Go To Macau To Finish The Job

RML Chevrolet CruzeThe 2010 World Touring Car Championship is coming to an end, as drivers, teams and cars get ready in
Macau for the traditional WTCC closing event in the streets of the former Portuguese enclave.

After having clearly led the championship for the entire season, Chevrolet is a few points away from securing its first Manufacturers’ WTCC title, while Yvan Muller is closer to being declared as the Drivers’ champion following the FIA Court of Appeal’s decision on Okayama’s results, which gives him a mathematical certainty in terms of points ahead of the 2010 last round.

In the interest of sports, Chevrolet had sought to have the issues arisen in Okayama (the sequential gearbox used by and the weight compensation applied to our main competitor) solved via a gentlemen’s agreement, but the other party involved preferred to have them brought before the FIA Court of Appeal. Chevrolet welcomes the Court’s decision, which, in the team's view, re-instates the spirit of the WTCC technical rules and brings the necessary clarification ahead of the final and decisive round of the 2010 season.

Expectation and anxiety are growing, as always before the Macau rendezvous. Not only because the Chinese races are often decisive for the title, but also because this is one of the most iconic rounds in the calendar. The Guia circuit is certainly a track similar to no other and one where anything can happen. From there stems the reputation of the event of being “a lottery”, which is not inconsistent with the city’s main industry, gambling!

At the eve of this crucial final round, the Chevrolet/RML team is completely focused on the job to be done and confident on the potential of the Cruze, which has proven competitive throughout the season, and should perform well in Macau too, a circuit where Chevrolet has excellent memories from recent years.

Yvan Muller
“I love Macau, which is a circuit that is a compendium of all circuits visited during the season. It is an urban track but the only one having at the same time the fastest and the slowest corners of the year, the longest straight and the tightest corner..., it is really special, and quite dangerous also. Not an easy track and most of all, a very difficult race where to have a championship decided! This time, I can go to Macau with a more relaxed spirit, but we have to keep in mind that anything can happen in Macau. We need to stay completely focused and work well on the Cruze, which has been excellent on all types of circuits this year”.

Rob Huff
“This week, I have been continuing the tests with the 2011 Cruze, at Brands Hatch and MIRA. We are very happy with the progress made with the new 1.6 turbo engine, the car is becoming easier to drive at every outing. Now all the attention is on Macau, I am very excited to be there again, it’s a circuit and an event I love, and I’ve been quite successful there in the last couple of years, with two wins and one pole position. To repeat that would be wonderful, but Macau is always unpredictable and a place where the walls and the armco barriers offer no forgiveness. The main objective is to go for a strong team result and bring home the two championships”.

Alain Menu
“We have been travelling quite a lot in recent weeks, and it is not over. Yvan and I were first in Australia, for the V8 Supercar race at Surfers’ Paradise and then in Argentina for the 200 km of Buenos Aires. It was nice to be in these two great countries, at mega-events such as those and driving very different cars, those really were two nice experiences. Two weeks after Macau, I will again be in China, for an exhibition with the Cruze at the Guandong track, where a WTCC race should take place next year. For now, it’s Macau and I look forward to it, as this is the most challenging event of the year. Clearly, this year it’s going to be even more special for
us, because of our position in the two championships. I am eager to do well there and finish the season on a high note, but the top priority will be working for the team”.

Ron Hartvelt
“We have done an excellent job in Okayama and went out of it with the cars unscathed, so that makes re-preparing the cars for Macau easier, despite the very short time we have from the moment cars have been unloaded from the containers. As Macau is ... Macau, we have to stay on high alert, and do what we need to do to finish the job. Qualifying will be very important, we will see how to prepare that and if towing can help. One good thing is that we will have the first garages in the pits, because of our position in the championship, it is always very important in Macau to be the first on the track”.

Eric Nève
“After what happened during and after the Okayama weekend, it is nice to focus again on the sporting side of things exclusively. There is, of course, a lot of expectation and enthusiasm around us and within the entire company, but we still have two races to do. We have to approach this decisive weekend with the usual concentration and motivation, and put all chances on our side. This is why the drivers and part of the team are going to Macau earlier than usual, to be able to adjust and overcome jet-lag. It is clear what we have to do and we just need to get it done!”.

RML Chevrolet Cruze

Macau Race Schedule (Local time = CET+7 hours)

Thursday, 18th November 2010
12.45-13.15 (05.45-06.15 CET) Testing

Friday, 19th November 2010
08.45-09.15 (01.45-12.15 CET) Free Practice 1
12.30-13.00 (05.30-06.00 CET) Free Practice 2
15.50-16.20 (08.50-09.20 CET) Qualifying 1
16.25-16.40 (09.25-09.40 CET) Qualifying 2 (Top Ten)

Sunday, 21st November 2010
08.00-08.15 (01.00-01.15 CET) Warm up
11.50-12.15 (04.50-05.15 CET) Race 1 (9 laps = 55.053kms) (Rolling start)
13.10-13.35 (06.10-06.35 CET) Race 2 (9 laps = 55.053kms) (Standing start)

Macau WTCC on TV
In Europe, qualifying, warm up and the races are be broadcasted live on Eurosport International.

Drivers Points Standings after Race 22 of 24

1. Y Muller (Chevrolet), 301 points;
2. G Tarquini (SEAT), 246;
3. A Priaulx (BMW), 240 ;
4. R Huff (Chevrolet), 236 ;
5. A Menu (Chevrolet), 167; ...
21. L Pernía (Chevrolet), 1.

Manufacturers Points Standings after Race 22 of 24

1. Chevrolet, 645 points;
2. SEAT, 571;
3. BMW, 544.

About RML
RML are the newly crowned 2010 ACO LMS LMP2 Driver & Team Champions with Mike Newton and Thomas Erdos, and 2010 British Touring Car Champions with Jason Plato. RML continues to lead the FIA WTCC Drivers’ and Manufacturers’ championships, with the title-deciding finale taking place in Macau.

The RML Group comprises six divisions; Motorsport, Automotive, Engines, Historic, Events and X-Pro. Based in Northamptonshire, the company’s 4,300 square metre facility includes design, development, manufacturing and operational support for international race/rally programmes and automotive engineering projects including performance engine development.

Since its formation in 1984 RML has achieved success in a diverse range of motorsport categories including GT/sportscars, touring cars, rally cars, single seaters and oval speedway cars. In 2010 RML teams have competed in the FIA World Touring Car Championship, the British Touring Car Championship, the Le Mans 24 Hours and the Le Mans Series.

RML works together with a number of specialist official suppliers and technical partners including Autoglym, Beissbarth, OMP Racing, Mobil 1 and ATS Wheels.

RML also support Spinal Research as their chosen charity – Spinal Research.

More information on RML is available at
For more information on Chevrolet’s World Touring Car Championship programme, please contact:
Michell Seaman
Tel: +44 (0) 1933 402 440

RML News
RML Chevrolets heading for Macau
Issued November 17th 2010

RML Chevrolet Cruze | WTCC 2010

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