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Another Double Top for RML Chevrolet Cruzes!

Menu wins Race 1 in China, Muller takes Race 2 and extends points lead, Huff 3rd twice

Chevrolet took another double win in the World Touring Car Championship with the RML-prepared Cruzes in the first event ever of the WTCC in China. Alain Menu won Race 1 and Yvan Muller triumphed in Race 2, with Rob Huff twice on the podium, as third in both races.

The short and twisty track of Tianma was the ideal set-up for two lively and closely-fought races, which delighted the numerous Chinese fans. With his good results, Yvan was able to extend his lead in the championship to 20 points over Rob Huff. The Drivers’ title will be decided at the closing round of the championship in Macau in two weeks. 

Race 1 saw Alain Menu keeping the advantage of the pole position at the start and leading the pack until the chequered flag to take his fifth win of the year. The Swiss had to contain the attacks of Turkington, who was very strong in the final laps and had passed Huff for second, while Muller managed to finish fourth after starting from seventh in the grid.

Race 2 was marked by a chaotic start and first couple of laps, with an incredible number of incidents. Yvan Muller managed to take advantage of the situation and take second position, before passing Tarquini and flying to his eighth success of the season. Huff and Menu, engulfed in traffic, finished third and sixth respectively.

The WTCC heads now to the traditional grand-finale in the streets of Macau and the battle for the Drivers’ title still wide open…

RML Chevrolet | Shanghai WTCC


Yvan Muller (4th / 1st)
"What a day! After the bad qualifying session I had, I could never dream of such an outcome. This is racing as I like it and today, Louis Chevrolet’s motto, ‘Never give up”, really applied to me! Race 1 had already been good, as I managed to take fourth just behind Rob, thus limiting the damage, but Race 2 was incredible. I knew the start was going to be lively and I chose to stay behind Tarquini, knowing he would open the way, and that was the right choice. Once I passed him too, everything was quite easy.”

Alain Menu (1st / 6th)
“Another win for me, which is very good. I made a very good start in Race 1, keeping the advantage of the pole, and was very cautious in the first laps, in order not to damage the front tires. That was wise as Turkington came back very strong in the second part of the race, but I was able to hold him, I just tried to stay focused and keep my pace. Race 2 was a big fight, I got caught in-between the BMWs and there wasn’t much I could do.”

RML Chevrolet | Shanghai WTCC

Rob Huff (3rd / 3rd)
“Obviously, not a very good result towards the championship. Everything will be decided at Macau, as anticipated, and we’ll see what happens there. Race 1 was not too bad, it’s just a pity that I could not keep Turkington behind, but I was having some vibrations on the left front tire since early in the race and didn’t want to put the tire at risk. Race 2 was very difficult, with a lot of contacts since the start, and then found myself stuck behind Tarquini, it was just a very difficult race…"

Eric Nève (Chevrolet)
“We go away from Tianma with two more wins, and four podium positions, there is little more we could have hoped for! I am happy that the many Chevrolet guests could see a day of very good racing and the Cruzes win twice. This is very important in such a key market, where 400,000 out of the one million Cruzes produced so far have been sold. Tomorrow, the drivers will be visiting GM Shanghai and I am sure they will be duly congratulated!”


1. A Menu, Chevrolet Cruze 25 laps in 28m05s718
2 C Turkington, BMW 320 TC + 1s222
3. R Huff, Chevrolet Cruze + 5s065
4. Y Muller, Chevrolet Cruze + 8s005
5. T Coronel, BMW 320 TC + 9s010


1. Y Muller, Chevrolet Cruze 25 laps in 28m19s599
2. G Tarquini, SEAT SR León 1.6T +10s518
3. R Huff, Chevrolet Cruze +11s385
4. C Turkington, BMW 320 TC +11s812
5. T Coronel, BMW 320 TC +12s140
6. A Menu, Chevrolet Cruze +12s896


1. Y Muller (Chevrolet), 400 points;
2. R Huff (Chevrolet), 380;
3. A Menu (Chevrolet), 323;

4. T Coronel (BMW), 203;
5. G Tarquini (SEAT), 177; …
12. D O’Young (Chevrolet), 43;
14. C Bueno (Chevrolet), 25;
... etc


1. Chevrolet, 890 points;
2. BMW, 537;
3. SEAT, 475;
4. Volvo, 154.

NEXT RACE: Race of Macau, Macau, 19-20 November 2011.

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Issued November 7th 2011

RML Chevrolet Cruze | WTCC 2011

RML Chevrolet | Shanghai WTCC

























RML Chevrolet | Shanghai WTCC



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