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Chevrolet Sweeps The Floor In Morocco
Wins for Menu and Muller in best-ever WTCC weekend for Chevrolet

The Cruzes and Chevrolet drivers put on another great team effort in Morocco, taking a brace of 1-2-3 wins, in what was the most successful weekend ever in Chevrolet’s WTCC history.

Alain Menu took his second 2012 win ahead of Rob Huff and Yvan Muller in Race 1, where the Cruzes had the advantage of favourable starting positions on the grid.

Race 2 was much more open and unpredictable, as the Chevrolets started from rows 3 and 4. Nevertheless, the drivers put together a fantastic and exciting assault, with Yvan Muller leading the way and the three drivers climbing up through the field, passing the rivals ahead of them one by one, with breath-taking overtakes on the narrow street circuit. The race ended with Yvan Muller taking his fourth seasonal win ahead of Huff and Menu.

With these great results, Chevrolet has extended its lead in the Manufacturer championship, while the three drivers are now firmly on top of the Drivers’ standings.

Alain Menu (1st/3rd):
“It was fantastic winning Race 1 and adding Marrakech to my collection of wins on street circuits. Clearly, when you start from the pole on a circuit like this, things are much easier, but still, it was essential to make no mistakes and be cautious over the kerbs, which can be quite disruptive here. The car jumps a lot over them and from inside the cockpit it is a very strange feeling, you really feel bad for the suspensions!

“I took a good start and so did Rob as well, we were side to side on the straight, but then I had the good line at the first corner and managed to keep the lead. In the race, I was careful to always have some safety margin in braking and knew my team mates behind me would behave well, so everything went well. In Race 2, I never thought we could 1-2-3, but we made it and I must thank Yvan, because he did a great race. He was opening the way for us too, and basically, the only thing Rob and I had to do was to follow him.”

WTCC 2012, RML Chevrolet Cruze, Marrakech

Yvan Muller (3rd/1st):
“Good race and good result in Race 1, but I wouldn’t characterise it as easy and tranquil, because on such a circuit you always have to pay a lot of attention to preserve your brakes and pass as smoothly as possible on the kerbs, which are really vicious for the car. Race 2 was incredible, and it is, of course, a great satisfaction to win a race from P7 on the grid on an urban track.

“But, today, the Cruze was perfect and unbeatable. This said, it was not easy, because I didn’t have a great start. After that I focused on passing the cars ahead of me one by one and in not doing stupid things, and it worked out well.”

Rob Huff (2nd/2nd):
“Another fantastic weekend for the team, and which proves how well we can work together as a team. It’s a real pleasure. Race 1 was quite good, everything went well at the start, so we were 1-2-3 from the beginning and then it was a sensible, nice and neat race from the three of us, with no dramas whatsoever.

Race 2 was fantastic again, and although I was second again, I must say this has been a very successful weekend. Yvan did a great job in opening gaps for me and I did everything I could to keep them open for Alain, and that was it.”

Ron Hartvelt:
“A phenomenal weekend for Chevrolet and for the RML team. Today, the Cruzes were really fast and given the very low tyre consumption on this track, our drivers could really push and go for it. We are also quite happy there is almost no contact damage in the three cars, as the Cruzes will be partially re-prepared here and will go straight to Bratislava. The trucks are leaving at four o’clock Monday morning, so the day isn’t finished for us, but we still can drink a well-deserved glass of champagne!”

Eric Nève:
“There is little to say after two 1-2-3 wins, I think it is our most successful weekend ever! It is simply great for Chevrolet and the entire team, and I am particularly pleased we achieved these results here in Morocco, as next month, at the Casablanca Motor Show, there will be a race Cruze and today’s trophies on display, which will further support the success of the model on the Moroccan market.”

WTCC 2012, RML Chevrolet Cruze, Marrakech

Marrakech Race 1 Result

1. A Menu Chevrolet Cruze 12 laps in 22m28s931
4. R Huff Chevrolet Cruze + 1s0742
5. Y Muller Chevrolet Cruze + 1s554
4. P Oriola SEAT León WTCC + 2s268
5. S D’Aste BMW 320 TC + 5s713
12. A MacDowall Chevrolet Cruze + 38s647
17. P Di Sabatino Chevrolet Cruze - 1 lap

Marrakech Race 2 Result

1. Y Muller Chevrolet Cruze 11 laps in 19m36s836
2. R Huff Chevrolet Cruze + 0s381
3. A Menu Chevrolet Cruze + 0s970
4. T Coronel BMW 320 TC + 2s153
5. D’ Aste BMW 320 TC + 2s641
12. P Di Sabatino Chevrolet Cruze +14s273
DNS A MacDowall Chevrolet Cruze

WTCC Drivers Standings after Race 6 of 24

1. Muller (Chevrolet), 130;
2. Menu (Chevrolet), 105;
3. Huff (Chevrolet), 97;
4. Coronel (BMW), 77 ;
5. D’Aste (BMW), 45…

WTCC Manufacturers' Standings after Race 6 OF 24

1. Chevrolet, 268 points;
2. BMW, 161,
3. SEAT, 144.

NEXT RACE: Race of Slovakia, Slovakiaring, 26-28 April 2012.

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Issued April 17th 2012

RML Chevrolet Cruze | WTCC 2011


Yvan Muller, WTCC 2012, RML Chevrolet Cruze, Marrakech











































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