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RML Chevrolet to Bow Out of WTCC
Chevrolet to leave the World Touring Car Championship
at the end of the 2012 season

Following a strategic review of Chevrolet’s motorsport and marketing programs, Chevrolet will leave the World Touring Car Championship at the end of the 2012 season. 

The eight-year program has so far resulted in two Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships (2010-2011) and 59 race wins for Chevrolet. For three consecutive years, Chevrolet’s racing team has proven the on-track abilities of the Cruze, the brand’s best-selling nameplate, against major contenders in motorsports.

This announcement is being made mid season to allow Chevrolet’s race drivers and race partner RML to plan for the future.  The Chevrolet WTCC Team currently leads both Championships and is aiming to finish on a high by adding two more World Titles to its achievements in the series. 

Chevrolet will continue to be present in global motorsports with its many other race series, including IndyCar and GT racing.

RML Chevrolet

Susan Docherty, President and Managing Director of Chevrolet Europe
“Following a strategic review of our motorsport and marketing programs we have decided to leave the FIA World Touring Car Championship at the end of the 2012 season to focus our Chevrolet brand activities in other areas. We are extremely proud of the two double World Titles we have won in the Series and of the 59 victories over the last eight years. The WTCC has been a powerful brand platform and showcase for Chevrolet in Europe and markets throughout the world. Chevrolet and RML now aim to go out on a high, by securing our third World titles together.

‘’Chevrolet’s WTCC drivers, Yvan Muller, Rob Huff and Alain Menu finished first, second and third in the 2011 season, an achievement unmatched by any other brand in the past. In the current 2012 season, they again hold the top three spots in the drivers’ rankings. Yvan, Rob and Alain are more than great racing drivers. They are exemplary brand ambassadors for Chevrolet, embodying Louis Chevrolet’s can-do spirit every time they race.”

Eric Nève, Chevrolet Motorsport Manager
‘’Naturally, making this announcement comes with very mixed emotions. This has been an amazing journey from our first season through to the double championship wins with the Cruze. We are extremely proud of the success we have achieved, including giving GM its first FIA World Champion titles, and would like to thank and pay tribute to the WTCC, RML, our drivers, partners and fans. We are now all focused on the remainder of season and bringing home the third double Championship titles for Chevrolet.” 

Ray Mallock, Chief Executive, RML
“Everyone at RML is very proud of the multiple Championships we have won for Chevrolet in the WTCC. I would like to thank Eric, Chevrolet and General Motors for this most productive partnership. Over the last eight years we have played a key role in promoting and building the Chevrolet brand across the world and the success of this programme has also been a great platform to develop the RML brand globally. RML works for several major car companies in supporting their motorsport and road car marketing programmes. Overall the business continues to grow and we currently have more active enquiries from major OEM’s than at anytime in our history. We aim to continue winning in every category in which we compete. It goes without saying, that the whole RML team remain very focused on securing both the 2012 WTCC Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships.’’

RML Chevrolet

About RML
The RML Group comprises the following divisions; Motorsport, Automotive, Engines and Events.  Based in Northamptonshire, England, the company’s 4,300 square metre facility includes design, development, manufacturing and operational support for international race/rally programmes and automotive engineering projects including performance engine development.  Since its formation in 1984 RML has achieved success in a diverse range of motorsport categories including GT/sportscars, touring cars, rally cars, single seaters and oval speedway cars. 

RML works together with a number of specialist official suppliers and technical partners including Beissbarth, OMP Racing, Mobil Oils and ATS Wheels.

RML also supports Spinal Research as the team's chosen charity.

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RML Chevrolet
World Touring Car Championship

Zurich - Wellingborough
Issued July 4th 2012

RML Chevrolet Cruze | WTCC 2011

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RML Chevrolet  | British Touring Car Championship | Partners 2010

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