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Anne Morel
28th May 1947- 18th September 2014

Anne Morel, 1947-2014

Last month the world of endurance racing lost some of its sparkle. Anne Morel, one of the most enthusiastic, generous and much loved members of the close-knit motorsport community, lost her battle with cancer. She had, over the course of nearly fifteen years, become a familiar face in the paddock of race circuits all around the world, diligently fulfilling her role as team liaison officer or in support of individual drivers and team members.

Always elegantly dressed, even when proudly wearing team uniform, Anne brought with her the aromatic waft of Chanel, a glint of jewellery, and a style that was always immaculate. She was the epitome of French chic.

Although her passion in recent years was motor racing, and most especially the Le Mans 24 Hours, she used her background in international relations and commerce to forge close ties between teams and race organisers – smoothing ruffled feathers and easing tensions. Ever the diplomat, Anne spent ten years as Finance & Administration Manager to the French Chamber of Commerce in London. Her command of languages – she spoke English fluently, and had an exceptional command of both German and Italian, as well of course as her native French – gave her the edge in many situations.

Through her work with the Chamber of Commerce, many French companies eased their way into the British market, aided by her charm and understanding of the differing cultures on both sides of the Channel. Equally, her expertise worked the other way, and when she set up her own company in 2001, International Motorsport Management, she drew together all that experience, in business and commerce, to forge a new career as an intermediary in the competitive and occasionally difficult world of motor racing.

Anne Morel, 1947-2014

Based in Surrey, but maintaining close ties with her French roots, Anne became embroiled in a way of life that combined her enthusiasm for motorsport with her understanding of business. She set out to assist teams, sponsors and individual drivers as they strove to establish good working relationships between themselves, and with the race organisers. Most notably and successfully, she worked closely with RML (Ray Mallock Limited) for over ten years, sharing the team’s jubilation at two class wins in the Le Mans 24 Hours and two Le Mans Series LMP2 titles. There’s no doubt that her skills as an intermediary, acting between the team and the ACO, was sometimes a crucial component in those successes.

Anne Morel, 1947-2014

The official poster for the Grande Parade des Pilotes in 2008, organised by Anne Morel.

Anne was also adept at organising, and helped to coordinate hospitality events, product launches and, most famously, the Grande Parade des Pilotes. In her position as International Representative of "Classic Automotive", she was a key player in managing the annual extravaganza that draws crowds of tens of thousands to the streets of Le Mans each Friday evening before the start of the race. In 2008 she was the mastermind behind arranging RML AD Group’s sponsorship of the event, and ensuring that Mike, Tommy and Andy appeared with the team’s MG Lola EX265 on the official posters. She had a subtle but very persuasive influence.

Over the past dozen years she not only worked with RML and AD Group, but her other major clients included Aston Martin, Jaguar, Lola, Ginetta, BMW, McLaren, Nissan and Porsche. She also mentored a number of significant drivers, furthering their careers and helping them to secure the drives that would establish them as professionals, most notably Nicolas Minassian.

RML AD Group withdrew from competition at the end of the 2011 season, but RML retained a significant presence in endurance racing and the Le Mans 24 Hours through its involvement with Nissan, firstly with the DeltaWing project in 2013, and then with the Nissan Zeod in 2014. Once again, Anne proved indispensable. Despite being seriously ill, and much against the advice and instructions of her doctors, she made her way to Le Mans in June 2014 to fulfil her role for the team.

She knew it would be her last chance to enjoy the atmosphere, the friendship, and the challenge of the Vingt Quatre Heures, and nothing on Earth was going to prevent her from being there. Once or twice the strain broke through, and there would be a look, or a glint in her eye, that betrayed just a little of what she was experiencing, but right to the end she remained unstintingly professional, kindly, and good humoured. She will, indeed, be much missed.

Anne Morel, 1947-2014

Anne’s funeral took place this morning in Putney Vale, London, and was followed by a Memorial Reception, most appropriately, at the Royal Automobile Club in Pall Mall. Anne specifically requested that those present should not wear black, and rather than flowers, she asked that donations be made to the Marie Curie Foundation.

Mike Newton:
"Every driver has distinct memories of Le Mans, both the circuit and everything around it, more so than any other circuit in the world. Anne Morel was always an indelible part of that scene that will never be forgotten, and she was in her element supporting any team at Le Mans or any other endurance racing event."

"From the first moments of arrival, through the Scrutineering in the Place des Jacobins, race week, and the 24 Hours itself, Anne was always there to ensure every detail was attended to, be it the team photograph, or ensuring that the drivers were in the right place and the right time for signing autographs, interviews on stage or any of a dozen other details. Equally her contribution once the action started was invaluable, providing that vital language and cultural bridge and bond between the team and the ACO."

"First and foremost, whatever task Anne applied herself to was delivered with a unique style and elegance which will be sorely missed. She considered her motor racing colleagues as an extended family, and I was very proud to be considered part of that group."

Thomas Erdos:
“We have all been so saddened about Anne. She so loved being with our team and she was always very loving towards myself, Sheila and my whole family. Whenever she came to stay at our house, she was full of joy and such a real pleasure to have around."

Sheila and I went down to see her a few weeks ago and she was already very poorly. It was heart-wrenching to see her that way. Our “darling Anne” has gone far too soon, but we can be comforted in knowing that she was at her happiest when she was around us at RML."

"She was a true RML person - full of passion for the team and what we stood for. She wore the team gear with great pride and her services as the team liaison officer were crucial when it came to communicating with the ACO and organising all matter of things. She used her French connections and her innate diplomatic skills to such great effect, and she played a key role in helping the team achieve their goals with the full support of the organisers as well as maximising our exposure in the French media."

"Anne went to Le Mans this year knowing that she may never go again. She was already in great discomfort but kept quiet about her illness. She made sure she was there to help Phil and the entire Nissan ZEOD crew. She was a true fighter and she loved our sport so much."

"Seeing Anne from time to time in the last few weeks of her life has really upset Sheila and I, as we knew she was in great discomfort and needed high levels of morphine to ease the pain. We are so relieved that she is no longer suffering and is now resting, in peace."

Anne Morel, Team Liaison Officer, centre, with the entire RML AD Group sqyad for the Le Mans 24 Hours, 2005.

Phil Barker:
"We have now lost another leading light from the RML family."

"I first met Anne in 2003 and for the next 12 years we worked closely together on all of RML’s ACO Le Mans and FIA Sportscar programmes. Anne acted as our key liaison with the ACO and our suppliers, and we spent many hours together both at work and socially after events."

"Anne was the consummate professional and diplomat, She was also a true friend and supporter of RML and all its staff, extremely protective and loyal, with a heart of gold. She was always willing to help out whenever needed, whether in the office, at the circuit, in the medical centre or or hospital, and especially with RML staff abroad. Nothing was ever a problem, nothing was too much trouble."

"We were told of Anne’s illness earlier in the year, but we were all shocked to see how fast and aggressive the cancer had become before it took Anne’s life. She will be deeply missed. Anne's friendship over the last 12 years has been immense, and she was a good friend to me who always had time to listen. I consider myself blessed to have had Anne as a friend and have many happy memories to cherish."

"God Bless you Anne. Rest in peace my friend."

Anne Morel, Team Liaison Officer, three from the right, with the entire RML AD Group sqyad for the Le Mans 24 Hours, 2011.

Pauline Norstrom, AD Group:
"Working discretely behind the scenes, Anne played a vital role in the organisation of key elements of RML and AD's corporate programme at the Le Mans 24 Hours for nearly 10 years. Her work was always totally focused around racing, a common interest and passion shared by all."

"The impeccable organisation behind the Parade, the spectacular 2008 RML centre piece and many key PR articles about the team, all had Anne's unique touch".

"Anne lived and breathed the LMP programme, working together with the team through 24-36-48 hours non stop. We all enjoyed the pace but also the quiet times; sitting together with the guys at the end of a long day or in between practice sessions usually in the Smoking Dog. We reminisced, shared experiences, shared the unrepeatable and precious moments. We were bonded by the camaraderie of aspiring to achieve the goal of excellence and the unsurpassed high of the win."

"Anne's contribution to the programme was immense. Most of all, her warmth, kindness, style and elegance echoed in her inimitable greeting "Darling, Darling how are you" will be dearly missed."

"Rest in peace lovely lady."

Sheila Lord:
"No words can describe the big space that Anne's passing has left on this world."

"I have known Anne for over ten years now, initially on a professional basis and then on a personal one. Every person I know that ever met Anne adored her. She always had a story to tell and she told them so well. She was a woman with an infectious love for life, friends and motorsport - all interwoven so wonderfully."

"I have so many great memories ... parties at home, trips at Le Mans, lunch in Bruges when Anne had me, Tommy and Andy Wallace in hysterics with her fabulousness and her cheeky ways with the waiter ... :-). The world will be a smaller place without Anne. We will miss her so much but will never forget her. She was a truly wonderful lady - funny, compassionate and incredibly kind-hearted."

"When we came together for our socials Ann was one of the people I looked forward to catching up with the most. She brought a lot of laughter into our lives and I am so lucky to be able to count her as one of my close friends. She will always missed but never forgotten. x"

Ray Mallock Limited, RML:
"We are greatly saddened at the news of Anne Morel's passing."

Anne worked with RML since 2003 and, as a highly respected key liaison between us and the ACO, was integral to our Le Mans success."

"A true friend and supporter of RML, Anne was fiercely protective of the RML brand and it’s activities, particularly at Le Mans. But as well as her professional role, she was always prepared to work outside her remit in helping with the team’s welfare and health needs on event, something which was greatly appreciated by various team members over the years."

"Anne was a vibrant, professional and passionate enthusiast who loved motorsport and the part she played within the RML team. She will be very sadly missed by all at RML."

Anne Morel, Team Liaison Officer, fifth from the right, with the entire RML AD Group squad for the Le Mans 24 Hours, 2008.

Cécile Bonardel, ACO:
"Anne Morel was not widely known to the general public, but everyone in the paddock knew her as the most British of French ladies. Her passion for motorsport in general and for endurance racing in particular compelled her to carry high the colours of the Le Mans 24 Hours, most notably for the Grande Parade des Pilotes."

Tribute to Anne Morel on Nissan GT-R #35 at the Blancpain Endurance event, Nürburgring, Sept 2014. Photo: Nissan

"Anne Morel was no stranger to the success of the British team RML at Le Mans, in the LMP2 category. A former pillar of the French Chamber of Commerce in London, Anne Morel then turned to endurance racing. Always smiling and helpful, the 'Lady in love with the island of Minorca' was a part of the Nissan ZEOD RC venture at this year's 24 Hours, despite her illness. Nissan paid homage to Anne Morel on the No. 35 car entered in the Blancpain championship (last month)".

"More than a colleague, it is a friend that the endurance world mourns today. It is thanks to enthusiasts like Anne, who work behind the scenes, that fans of endurance racing can indulge their passion."

"To her friends and family, the Automobile Club de l'Ouest offers its sincerest sympathies."


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Sportscar Programme
Issued October 6th 2014

Anne Morel, 1947-2014









Anne Morel, 1947-2014









Anne Morel, 1947-2014









Anne Morel, 1947-2014









Anne Morel, 1947-2014









Anne Morel, 1947-2014









Anne Morel, 1947-2014









Anne Morel, 1947-2014









Anne Morel, 1947-2014

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