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RML AD Group has been supported by a broad range of corporate sponsors and technical partners since it entered sportscar racing in 2003. Most of the original organisations have remained with the team ever since, and these include several divisions of AD Group, for whom Mike Newton is CEO.

As one of the fastest growing companies in the video surveillance and technology sector, market exposure has been an important factor in the company's development and success. Motorsport sponsorship forms a significant proportion of AD Group's promotional budget, yet the Board's decision-makers view trackside hospitality and racecar branding as a highly rewarding and profitable exercise. To understand a little more of AD Group's approach to sponsorship and product placement, view this page dedicated to Hospitality, Networking and Product Demonstration.

AD Group was formed in 1997. AD’s primary objective is to develop and bring to market new CCTV technologies. One of the first companies to embrace the concept of video over IP (Internet Protocol), AD's interests now include CCTV for aircraft, transport, smoke detection, together with camera technology and digital video recorders and multiplexers. Website >
AD Network Video, part of AD Group, provides seamless, end to end IP video surveillance solutions to integrators and end users, across a range of applications such as multi-site campuses, warehousing, mobile security, and critical infrastructure installations . Website >
Aspen Grove Dressage, based in Oxfordshire, is an international dressage training centre operated by Ann Newton and Gareth Hughes. Clients range from grass roots riders through to those competing at the highest levels in national and international events. Aspen Grove is also one of the few UK establishments offering comprehensive training courses in equine management and care, with the benefit of superb facilities set in exceptional surroundings. Website >
Closed IPTV Dedicated Micros’ ground breaking Closed IPTV solution makes deploying an IP Video, CCTV system safe, secure and simple. Combining patent-pending innovation with zeroconf networking technology, Closed IPTV automatically allocates IP addresses to IP cameras by physical port. In this way the system is completely deterministic, creating firewalls and monitoring IP connections by individual network ports so they cannot be hacked or intercepted. This ground breaking solution provides a very simple and secure answer to IP Video, meaning that no prior knowledge of IP networking is required. Sophisticated and Dependable network security can be achieved with a single click. Website >
Dedicated Micros is the world’s leading provider of high quality Digital Video Recorders and distributed Network Video products, specially designed to meet the round-the-clock demands of CCTV surveillance applications. Fine-tuned by more than 20 years experience in the CCTV business, more than seven million images are recorded every second of every day and viewed around the world using DM equipment. High profile installations include: New York’s 911 building, Heathrow Airport in London, the Oman Bank, BP petrol stations in the UK, Manchester United’s Old Trafford Football Ground, the French Postal Service (the PPT) and the US Government Agency. Website > 
D-Tec is acknowledged as the pioneer and world leader in Video Smoke Detection (VSD). VSD provides solutions for previously unsolvable fire detection scenarios, working externally as well as internally and represents a true technological breakthrough in fire prevention. With D-Tec's latest FireVu IP (Internet Protocol) based system 24-hour remote monitoring of incidents can be offered with the capability for alarm and associated video images to be distributed to an unlimited number of locations for review. Website >
AD Aerospace, part of AD Group, is a designer and manufacturer of video camera systems for commercial aerospace under the Flight Vu brand. Approved by EASA, AD Aerospace is an approved supplier to The Boeing Company, and current major contracts in commercial aviation include JetBlue, Britannia, easyJet, bmi and Lufthansa Technik. Website >
NetVu Connected is the technology at the very heart of DV-IP products from Dedicated Micros, and has already proven its worth embedded in a diverse portfolio of AD Group CCTV systems on the ground, on the move and in the air. These range from FireVu, to detect smoke in prestige office developments, through TransVu monitoring security and pupil well-being on school buses, to FlightVu, where Dedicated Micros technology keeps cockpit doors secure on international passenger aircraft. Website >
RemGuard Visual Management offers an ‘intelligent’ remotely monitored CCTV service to help protect commercial and public sector sites across the UK from the threat of criminal attack. Website > 
Since its inception in 1973, TSS (Traffic Safety Systems) has firmly established itself as a major supplier of traffic law enforcement and mobile video security and surveillance technology, satisfying the growing demand of local authorities, police and emergency services. Website > 
TransVu, the award-winning digital CCTV recorder, has been specifically developed for public transport applications. TransVu is capable of withstanding the most rigorous conditions generated by urban transit vehicles, and is also fitted to the RML MG Lola EX264 sports prototype. Website >


RML AD Group's sports prototype programme is supported by a number of significant technical partners, who not only offer expertise and share the team's development interests, but frequently assist in terms of equipment and component supply or the cooperation and secondment of personnel and staff. In recent seasons, these have included the following well-known companies or organisations:

BERU f1systems BERU f1systems is a specialist supplier of performance engineering solutions, including motorsport wiring harnesses, load cells, tyre pressure and temperature monitoring systems and lightweight composites. BERU f1systems is a division of BERU AG, and provides advanced design and manufacturing facilities to a broad spectrum of motorsport disciplines, including F1, NASCAR, WRC and sportscars. These products incorporate lightweight and highly accurate solutions that are designed to perform for sustained periods in harsh environments. Website >
British Motorsport Marshals Club Without marshals, there wouldn't be much motor sport. From pits and paddock to trackside, marshals make race meetings happen, performing every role from essential administrative work to providing life-saving safety cover. The British Motorsport Marshals Club (formerly the British Motor Racing Marshals Club) is the main organisation for marshals in the UK. Made up of more than 1,750 men and women drawn from all walks of life, the BMMC can lay claim to being the leading independent marshals' club in Europe - and possibly the world. RML, and in particular, Mike Newton, has a long and very close association with the BMMC, and the team is delighted not only to enjoy the support of the BMMC and its membership, but also to reciprocate that support financially and with essential equipment, including fireproof overalls. Website >
Lola Cars Lola Cars is a globally recognised supplier of specialist vehicles and technology services to the motorsport, automotive, aerospace, defence, communications, and marine sectors. Founded in 1958, Lola is the world’s oldest and most successful customer race car manufacturer. RML AD Group raced with cars designed by Lola between 2003 and 2010, and the historic MG collection is still maintained with help and co-operation from Lola. Website >
RML - Ray Mallock Limited Based in Northamptonshire, England, RML is a broad-based motorsport and automotive technology company with over 20 years experience of offering tailor-made design, engineering, manufacturing and marketing solutions to an ever-growing portfolio of clients worldwide. Major clients have included Chevrolet, General Motors, Nissan and Mercedes. RML has been responsible for some remarkable road and race cars, including the Saleen S7R and the Mercedes-Benz SLR Mclaren 722 GT. RML currently prepares and manages the RML AD Group Lola HPD sports prototype, as well as the Chevrolet World Touring Car and British Touring Car teams. Website >
Wirth Research

Wirth Research is a group of innovative engineering companies specialising in research, development, design and manufacture for the motor racing industry and other high technology sectors. The companies pioneer the use of advanced virtual engineering technologies, developed in-house, which enables the use of a complete simulated vehicle design, development and testing process that reduces the need for costly and wasteful development models and prototype manufacture. The company has a long-standing partnership with Honda Performance Development Inc (HPD) on the design, development and manufacture of the championship winning ARX sports cars. The 2011 ARX sports cars will be racing in both the Le Mans Series and ALMS. Website >