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Friday - Pitlane & Parade

With the change to the weekly schedule, and the introduction of an official autograph session on Tuesday afternoon, the emphasis for Friday has become focused on the evening Drivers' Parade through the city centre. For the engineers and mechanics the expectations remain unchanged. Friday is, as always, a day of hard work in the garage.

This year has been no exception, although the RML personnel have appreciated the knowledge that the car they're putting together has passed through two days of practice and qualifying without a hitch. The race engine has gone in, mated to a fresh gearbox, and all four corners have been rebuilt from scratch. The atmosphere was noticeably relaxed and there was no evidence of the stress that pervaded the squad ahead of last year's 24 Hours.

The weather was exceptionally kind on the drivers. The skies cleared and the sun blazed down as they paraded through the streets and squares of Le Mans. Mike, Tommy and Andy were chauffeured through the streets by Monsieur Claude Chaumulon in a 1930s Citroen. Hopefully the images below will offer a flavour of the occasion.

For high resolution images, please view the dedicated Le Mans Gallery.

Le Mans 24 Hours 2010

Circuit de la Sarthe, Le Mans, France
June 11th 2010
Pitlane & Parade














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