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Andy WallaceAndy Wallace needs few introductions to sportscar enthusiasts. His name has been top of the league ever since he helped Jaguar to a memorable outright victory in the 1988 Le Mans 24 Hours, co-driving with Jan Lammers and Johnny Dumfries. Since then he’s made a total of twenty appearances at Le Mans, finished on the podium another three times, taken four further class wins, and played a central role in Bentley’s historic return in 2001 and 2002.

One of the most respected names in sportscar racing, British-born Wallace is the only professional racing driver to have won all the major contemporary classics. In an impressive career he has finished on the podium in more than 70 top-ranking events, winning more than thirty, including the Le Mans 24 Hours (1988), the Daytona 24 Hours (1990, 1997, 1999), Sebring 12 Hours (1992, 1993), Silverstone 4 Hours (1995, 1996) and Petit Le Mans (1999). Before all that he was also a star in single-seaters, winning the British Formula 3 title in 1986 with an unprecedented 11 victories.

Andy WallaceIn recent years Andy Wallace has been one of the dominant performers in American sportscar racing, not only being a regular in the American Le Mans Series, but also contesting Grand Am, often in the Daytona Prototype classes.

One of his longest-standing relationships has been with Dyson Racing, and he was a key component in that team's successful period in the early "noughties", competing in the ALMS with the MG Lola EX257 (right) . His knowledge of a car so essentially similar to the MG EX264 meant he felt instantly at home in the similar RML machine when he joined Mike and Tommy at Le Mans for the first time in 2006, and his contribution to the team's dominant win in the LMP2 category at Le Mans in June 2006 was invaluable.

Another achievement that was tucked neatly under Andy's belt (for almost seven years) was that of having held the speed record for a production-based road car. In March 1998 he achieved 240.14 miles-per-hour (386.5 kph) in a McLaren F1 along the 9 km straight at Volkswagen's Ehra-Lessien test track in Wolfsburg, Germany. (The SSC Ultimate Aero's 257 mph currently holds the record, although the Bugatti Veyron's production car record of 253.2 mph (407.5 km/h) is considered by some as more legitimate. The RML-designed Saleen S7-R Twin Turbo is third, with 248 mph.)

Andy remained with Dyson Racing in the American Le Mans Series for the 2007 season, when Dyson briefly abandoned loyalty to Lola to became the first customer team in the United States to employ the all-dominant Porsche RS Spyder. Andy shared the #16 Spyder with Butch Leitzinger (below), and secured third in the LMP2 category for the season, just behind the two works-entered Penske Porsches.

Andy Wallace | Photo by Robin Thompson

Andy Wallace | Childress Howard Racing | Grand AmFor the past two seasons Andy's regular drive has been in the Grand Am Rolex Series in the States. In 2008 he joined Richard Childress and Childress Howard Motorsports to race Grand Am in a Pontiac-Crawford DP08 Daytona Prototype (right), although the team only contested the Daytona 24 Hours and a handful of the year's scheduled races that first year. In 2009 the programme was extended to a full season, including all eleven rounds of the Grand Am Rolex series and the Daytona 24 Hours.

Aside from his strengthening relationship with RML, Andy has also started to revisit the podium in other classes of motorsport. He is now regularly commissioned to race priceless historic sportscars on behalf of their proud owners on both sides of the Atlantic, and has the added delight of being able to re-visit some of the cars that brought him such enormous success in the past.

Andy Wallace | Historic Sportscar racing | Audi R8 He competes in Historic Group C racing in Europe from the cockpit of a Jaguar XJR-9 (a sister-car to the one that took him to Le Mans victory in 1988) and in America he has been racing an Audi R8 LMP1 in the Daytona Historic Sportscar Racing (HSR) Series - the same car he raced to second at Sebring in 2002.

In amongst these major achievements, Andy continues to appear in one-off events, such as the Britcar 24 Hours, Walter Hayes Trophy FF1600 and Lamborghini Super Trofeo, as well as carrying out testing and driver training duties. Despite a lengthy parallel career, often as competitors on track, he and Thomas Erdos had never actually shared a car until Le Mans in 2006, but they have since repeated the experience with three further appearances at Le Mans (2007, 2008 and 2010). Andy became the team's regular "third" driver for the first half of the 2010 season, joining RML AD Group for the longer Le Mans Series events at Paul Ricard and Spa, as well as the Le Mans 24 Hours, where they finished third in LMP2.

Andy is married with two children and lives near Buckingham.

Andy Wallace racing with RML AD Group

Andy Wallace racing with RML AD Group
Birthdate 19th February 1961
British (Born in Oxford)
Married, with 2 children
White with Red & Blue stripes and "AW"
Race Debut
1979 (FF1600)
(excl. LM24)

1985: 2nd British F3 Championship (3 wins)
1986: British F3 Champion (11 wins)
1987-8: Formula 3000
1989: 2nd Daytona 24 Hours (Jaguar)
1990: Winner Daytona 24 Hours (Jaguar)
1992: Winner Sebring 12 Hours (Toyota)
1993: Winner Sebring 12 Hours (Toyota)
1994: Winner WSC Sebring 12 Hours (Spice)
1995: 2nd Sebring 12 Hours (Spice)
1995: 4th BPRO Championship
1997: Winner Daytona 24 Hrs (Riley & Scott)
1997: 2nd Sebring 12 Hours (Riley & Scott)
1998: Champion USSC GT1
1999: Winner Daytona 24 Hours
1999: Winner Petit Le Mans (Panoz)
2001: 2nd Daytona 24 Hours (Riley & Scott)
2002: 4th Daytona 24 Hours
2002: 2nd Sebring 12 Hours (Audi)
2003: Winner GTS Daytona 24 Hours
2004: 3rd Daytona 24 Hours (Daytona Prototype)
2005: Grand Am (Crawford)
2005: 6th in ALMS season (Dyson Lola)
2006: 2nd LMP1 Sebring 12 Hours (Dyson Lola)
2007: 3rd LMP2 in ALMS season (Dyson Porsche)
2008: Grand Am Rolex, CHM, DP
2008: Group C/GTP Racing, Jaguar XJR-9
2009: Grand Am Rolex, CHM, DP
2009: HSR (Audi R8) 2nd Daytona
2009: HSR (Audi R8) Pole Sebring Sprint
2009: HSR (Riley & Scott) Winner Sebring
2009: HSR (Riley & Scott) 2nd Sebring 3 Hrs

2010: 3rd LMP2 LMS Paul Ricard 8 Hour
2010: 2nd LMP2 LMS Spa 6 Hour
2010: Winner of the Woolf Barnato Trophy

Le Mans
1988: Winner (Jaguar)
1989: Retired (Jaguar)
1990: 2nd (Jaguar)
1991: 4th (Jaguar)
1992: 8th (Toyota)
1993: Retired (Toyota)
1995: 3rd (2nd GT1) (Harrods McLaren)
1996: 6th (5th GT1) (McLaren)
1997: Retired (Panoz)
1998: 7th (Panoz)
1999: Retired (Audi UK, R8C)
2000: 21st (11th LMP 900) Cadillac
2001: 3rd (Winner LM GTP) (Team Bentley)
2002: 4th (Winner LM GTP) (Team Bentley)
2003: 6th (Racing for Holland, Dome)
2004: Retired (Zytek)
2005: 14th (7th LMP1) (Creation)
2006: 8th (Winner LMP2) (RML MG Lola)
2007: Retired (RML MG Lola)
2008: Retired (RML MG Lola)
2010: Lola HPD (RML) 3rd LMP2, 8th o/all
Andy is the only contemporary sportscar racer to have won all the major "classic" races, including Le Mans, Daytona, Sebring, Petit le Mans and the Silverstone Empire Trophy.

Andy Wallace | Silk Cut Jaguar XJR-9

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