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RML AD Group's Team personnel listing for the 2011 season include:

Name Title    
Full LMS Season:      
Phil Barker Team Manager    
Rick Perry Chief Mechanic    
Vince Mitchell No. 1 Mechanic    
Adam Hughes

No. 2 Mechanic

Will George No. 3 Mechanic    
Ian Howshall Data & Simulation Engineer    
Teddy Pedersen Sub Assembly Technician    
Paul Ritchie Race Mechanic & Fabricator    
Mason Jeffreys No. 1 Truckie & Tyre Technician    
Phil Bignell ('Blue') No. 2 Truckie & Tyre Technician    
Le Mans Only:      
Mark Deacon No3 Mechanic & Logistic Support    
Tom Powell No3 Mechanic & Logistic Support    
Sean Matthews No3 Mechanic & Logistic Support    
Technical Support:      
Matt Niles Engine and Systems Technical Support, HPD    
Marcelo Martinelli Electronic Systems Support, HPD    
Ben Johnson Engine Technical Support, HPD    
Mark Cornell Beru F1 Systems Electrical Systems Support    
Graham Shuter Dunlop Tyre Engineer    
Ray Mallock Founder and Chief Executive, RML, Entrant    
Mike Newton Founder and Chief Executive, AD Group    
Pauline Norstrom Marketing and Motorsport Director, AD Group    
Marcus Potts Team Press Officer    
Anne Morel ACO Liason & Consultant    

For a list of team personnel from 2010, please see here

Driving with RML AD Group: Thomas Erdos and Mike Newton