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RML AD Group is more than just a race team; it is a partnership between two of the leading organisations in their respective fields. On the one hand, RML is one of the UK's top motorsport and automotive development organisations with a motor racing heritage that stretches back more than eighty years. On the other is AD Group; among the fastest-growing companies in the UK and one of the world's top electronics and CCTV development agencies, with a portfolio of companies that includes Dedicated Micros, TSS, FlightVu, RemGuard and some half dozen other subsidiaries.

Included in the list of RML's clients are some of the biggest names in the automotive industry, including Chevrolet, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Vauxhall and Aston Martin, but RML has also been responsible for some innovative ground-up designs of its own. Few realise that the Saleen S7-R was designed and developed by RML, or that RML was responsible for transforming the astonishing Mercedes-Benz SLR Mclaren into an even more awesome racecar.

Winning the LMP2 category at Le Mans two years in succession, and ending 2007 as Le Mans Series LMP2 champions, are considerable achievements, but they are also some testament to the skill and ingenuity of RML and the team behind Mike Newton and Thomas Erdos.

Much of that credit must go to the years of experience ingrained within almost every member of the squad, but along the way there have been breakthroughs and developments that have, on occasion, given Tommy and Mike a competitive edge. Some of those must, of necessity, remain secret, but one or two technological innovations have been carried forward by RML and are now marketed under their X-Pro brand. These are now available to anyone else, competitors and rivals included, and some are featured here:

X-Pro Digital Imaging Recorder
Throughout the past six years the RML sports prototypes have carried on board a unique CCTV system. Initially devised by TransVu, a member of the AD Group of companies for use as a security monitoring system for aircraft, buses and other forms of public transport, the system has now been further developed and enhanced in association with RML. Tested in some of the most arduous motorsport conditions imaginable, the X-Pro DIR was launched in 2006. Designed specifically around endurance racing and rallying, this is probably the most advanced and rugged CCTV system now available anywhere in the world.

X-Pro BSS Safety Seat Inserts
Driver safety is one of the cornerstones of racecar design. Cocooned within a carbon fibre monocoque, the driver is protected in a way that could never have been imagined twenty years ago, but he or she still remains vulnerable to the trauma associated with high-G impact and the intensely physical nature of accidents at speed. The degree to which those forces can be cushioned is critical to the driver's chances of surviving such an accident with the minimum of injury. The X-Pro BSS Seat Insert has been proven in tests and during real-life racing incidents to achieve this better than anything else currently available.

X-Pro Infra-Red Tyre Heating System
Having the confidence to push hard right from the beginning of an out-lap can be crucial to maintaining track position during an endurance race, and much of that confidence can come from knowing that tyres are up to temperature almost as soon as the car leaves the pitlane. Conventional tyre-warming technology cannot promise that, but the X-Pro Infra-Red Tyre Heating System can. Tyres are up to temperature within ten minutes of being placed inside the heater, and that warmth is uniform, deep and perfectly controlled. Compact to transport and easy to assemble, this is the future of tyre-heating technology, and it's available today.

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Technology & Development | RML AD Group

Technology & Development | RML AD Group

Technology & Development | RML AD Group

Technology & Development | RML AD Group